Topic: India and Pakistan

Over the years India and Pakistan have not had a good history with each other. There have been lots of wars and fighting between the two, ever since they gained full independence. All of the fighting over the years leads Pakistan not to be seen well by India. It all started in early 1947 when India and Pakistan became independent from the British. Later as the year went on it came down to India and Pakistan having their first war over Kashmir, the northwestern part of India. This war went on for a few years, but eventually ended on January first 1949. One of the main reasons the Pakistan people were fighting for Kashmir was because Pakistan has mostly Muslims as their population, while India has a mostly Hindu population. The war made India mad and made them think of Pakastian as a unreliable neighbor, who was a master of creating problems and tension. India thinks that if a problem was resolved between them both, Pakastian would just start up another problem. The British rule ended after 200 years with the Indian Independence Bill. On the first day of independence, many found themselves on the wrong side the border by their religion. Hundreds were killed just on the first day around the border of Punjab and Bengal. The second Indo-Pakistani war started in April, 1965 and ended in January, 1996 with the help of the UN. Pakistan and India still have a bad relationship. The Pakistan people would do anything to get the fertile land of Kashmir. When Kashmir had a choice to stay independent or unite with India and Pakistan they initially wanted to stay independent. But as time went on they were starting to be afraid of Pakistan so they united with India for military support. When Kashmir united with India, the Pakistan people were enraged. To show that they should be the ones in control, they started to terrorize parts of India with bomb. India and Pakistan both have many nuclear weapons ready to use at any moment. Pakistan started the Pakistan Nuclear Program, it was founded by Zulfiquar Ali Buhtto in 1972. India on the other hand started testing just two years later for the first time. Pakistan then built the Kahuta facility in 1976. They had a network for bringing in technology and mateiral's to built the uranium. The last tests recorded for Pakistan where on the 28th in 1998. How ever India had started two weeks earlier on the 11th and 13th. They are ready at any moment.( srry i was so late typing my computer broke. Kristina.)

Relationship As the economist news paper said,"the border between India and Pakistan has seen a bloody partition in 1947 that killed hundreds of thousands." The news paper also says,"both countries are armed with nuclear weapons."

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Question for Group Member #1: Describe India's relationship with Pakistan focusing on how India views Pakistan.
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Question for Group Member #2: Describe India's relationship with Pakistan focusing on how Pakistan views India.
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