Topic: Nuclear Weapons and India

India and Pakistan: Introduction to Nuclear Weapons:

Nuclear weapons are weapons of mass destruction whose explosive power derives from a nuclear reaction. For example, bombs are nuclear weapons.
Nowadays, Nuclear weapons can be seen in several countries around the world. Nuclear weapons affected the relationship betwen India and Pakistan because India and Pakistan didn't trust each other. They both said clearly, to the whole world that they were nuclear weapons powers.
The Pakistanian's nuclear program dates back to 1950.They used technology from Asia and Korea and supplies from many sources like in 1917 Canadian electic co. Created a power genorator ,CGEC provided a small heavy water production facility, both of these sources had the same uranium/heavy water technology that they needed for nuclear bombs.As soon as Bhutto came into power he reched out to places like Lybia and Sudi-arabia (places rich in oil) for money for the nuclear weapons program, billions of dollars started flowing in- enogh to make 50-60 nuclear bombs ( witch is alot). This was the start to the production of nuclaer bombs.

Indian and Pakistanian relationships:

Pakistan has never had a great relationship with India. During WWI, the Indians served as soldiers for the British forces. Soon enough, Mohandas Ghandi led the Indians to freedom after a massacre of rebelling Indians- 400 unarmed Indians were killed. This galvanized the Indians, and started supporting Ghandi. This led to the Indian revolution. The people of India began to rebel; Ghandi allowed Muslims in India. Many Hindus despised of this, and Ghandi was shot dead by a refusing Hindu.
India and Pakistan became countries around the same time, after the British passed the Indian Independance act in 1947. Once India became a country, the Muslims broke off to create Pakistan by Mohammad Ali Jinnah, the leader of the Muslim party.
In late 1947, war broke out between Pakistan and India over Kashmir; a second in 1965. After a long, bloody fight, East Pakistan becomes Bangladesh.
In 1998, India and Pakistan are introduced to Nuclear Power, prompting the U.S. and other nations to impose sanctions on both countries.
Also, recently, India blamed Pakistani militants for a suicide bombing in Mumbai that killed 174 people.
In 1997, Nawaz Sharif was elected to rule Pakistan. He started arming Pakistan with Nuclear weapons. Pakistan's nuclear tests harmed its relationship with the United States. After the tests, the United States put economic sanctions on Pakistan, and refused to sell them weapons.

India and Pakistan's Nuclear Weapons:
The weapons in both India and Pakistan are kept in disassembled form and physically apart. They have each set up command hierarchies to take decisions about its assemblage and use. Any effort to steal or capture even a single part cannot go unnoticed by the security programs, nor the political leadership committies.
The two countries have taken many measures to prevent accidental use of their various atomic weapons. Chief among them is that India and Pakistan since 1988 are regularly exchanging information about their weapons. They also inform the other side before carrying out any military exercises near the border areas or testing their missiles.
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