Topic: 2004 Tsunami

The tsinami occured on December 26, 2004 off the coast off the Indonesian coast, near the Bay of Beangal.
Tsunami was caused by an underwater earth quake off the coast of India.
This earthquake had the energy equivilant to about 23,000 atomic bombs.
Many countries were affected by this tsunami such as India, Thailand, Malaysia, and many others.
After the tsunami hit India experts made we warning system that was made up of 6 Buoys out in the ocean that coulda detect a tsunami and would send a warning toscientists and the scientists would decide if the wave was deadly or not and where the wave would hit.

The tsunami killed more than 145,000 people by the end of the day of the tsunami. The final death count was around 283,000 people.
The waves of the tsunami traveled up to 3,000 miles total to Africa.
The earthquake that cased a tsunami was rated a 9.0 and that is one of the heighest levels
The tsunami mostly affected the fishing industry. Many boats and fishing gear were lost for the Sri Lanka fishery. Around 66% of the fishing fleet and industrial infrastructure on the coast were destroyed by the waves.

Farm feilds and drinking water supplies were most likely contaminated by the salt water of the Indian Ocean.
Question#3: The December 26, 2004 tsunami that hit the Indian coast and the coasts of many other countries was one of the the worst tsunamis ever recorded in history as far as casualties go. Over 220,000 people were killed and thousands more were injured. It was an extremely unexpected event and not many people were warned before they were hit. The monster earthquake that caused the tsunami was in the Sumatran trench. It ranked a 9.2 on the Richter scale which is even more powerful than the 2011 Japanese earthquake.

India is working on building a securtiy system becasue they had no way of warning people before. Until india can make its sytem, Hawaii and Japan are looking out for the region.Twenty five and coutning countries have signed up for the warning system. Once the system is up and runing with the estimated time of two years, it will alert people in just a matter of minutes.

Although the casue for the tsunami was proven there is another theory as to why the tsunami was so large. In 1762 there was an enomreous quake in Arakan coast. Historians think maybe this could have been another factor to as why there was a tsunami out of know where and so large. this tsunami was so large infact it was the biggest and most pwerful tsunami in history. They said that in the bay of bengal there was a larger or the largest risk of hazard or just more damage becasue there right on the the water. the people living in that bay were hit the hardest by the tsexternal image 128411168.jpgunami.
This chart show the center of the 9.2 quake spreading it's waves out in a circle slamming into the coastline around it. As you can see India was one of the hardest hit countries.

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