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The definition for Bollywood is The Indian Film Industry in Mumbai, India. Most of the Bollywood films are Lavish productions. The studios produce the films in 30 of the 114 main languages? Most of the films are about three hours long to fit every thing in the movie. Bollywood is conceived as for the whole of Indian Cinema. How ever it is not. It is just a very big part of it. It is the largest film producer in India. The scenery includes vibrant colors that brings the show to life. most of the Bollywood films are musicals.
India produces twice as many films as U.S.A. does in a year. Bollywood releases thousands of movies each year and is one of the largest movie making industries in the world. Bollywood films are not just limited to India. Bollywood ships films to such places as North America, Oceania, and Africa. Africa, which has a large population of Muslims, liked Bollywood films because they were.
Also most of there films had some Indian dance in about all the movies. Bollywood also want to bring in big producers like Warner Bros. They have won many awards like the Zee Cine award, and the Star Screen award. Bollywood is also having a issue with preople copying there movies. With people copying there movies they are lossing mony. Bollywood's budget is concidered modist to hollywood's budget. Bollywood also has alot of preformances with an audiance but they are still filming the show. Bollywood also is the most popular Indian cinama. Bollywood is a great film industry and is one of the bets film companies.
external image un-films.JPGThis is an image that compares how many films India makes and comapres it to all the other countires. India is number 1 on the chart with a total of 1,091, in my opinion thats a lot of films they make each year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is due tomorrow guys so we need to work fast infohio has a good article on bollywood try that- jacob
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