Topic: Bhopal Chemical Catastrophe

What was the Bhopal chemical catastrophe?

The Bhopal chemical catastrophe was an event that happened in the middle of the night in December 2, 1984, that is regarded as one of the world's worst industrial diseasters for it's extreme death toll. It came about when a pesticides plant in north-east Bhopal started leaking toxic pesticides into the air. Exremely harmful to breathe in.These toxic gasses quickly spread throughout the medium-sized city and were thought to be harmless, until people were observed to be dying in the streets. Eventually, the chaos was stopped by the police, and they said it was now safe, but not before over 3,000 people had already died. Even after, the effects of the leak lingered. First, all of the plants had turned yellow because there were so many pesticides in the air. Next, almost every farm animal ended up dying, their carcasses too large in amount to even move. Finally, and the worst and all, was the human death toll. Over 3,000 people died on the first day and 8,000 people were dead by the end of the week. They hadn't thought that the pesticides would have lasting effects. The chemicals escaped because water being used to clean the pipes leaked into the tanks, filling it up over its capaciaty, causing it to blow, and creating a chain reaction which spread the chemicals into the air. It even had a lasting effect on the future generations. Stillborn rates jumped up 300%, and almost every child born ended up with some kind of permenent defect that usually resulted in a slow, agonizing death. Even today, the fatality rates number around 50,000. However, what truly made this event so horrific was the company's reaction to the incident. First of all, they denied that anything even happened, stopping any potential rescues and preventing the word from getting out so they could get to safety, all in the name of business. Even worse was when they discovered that this was the company's fault because they had refused any repairs and ways to stop this from even coming to being. The company was fined over 470 billion dollars, although the govenment hasn't distributed much of that money. This was very signifigent to the government of this city, to the businesses,and it's people. The farmers could not bring in any money that year because all of their livestoock died. The small businesses could not hold up because some of their workers died in the accident or the owners died. The government relies on small businesses for taxes and even though they got money nothing can replace the lost citizens.

Victims of the Toxic Gasses
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"We were choking and our eyes were burning. We could barely see the road through the fog, and sirens were blaring. Mothers didn’t know their children had died, children didn’t know their mothers had died and men didn’t know their whole families had died.” -Ahmed Khan, resident.