Topic: Mohandas Gandhi

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Mohandas Gandhi was a world-wide icon of non-violent political resictance and Father of Nation. He was born in India on October 2nd, 1869 at Porbandar, Gujarat, in Northwest India. . He was born into a privileged caste.He was born in a Hindu Modh family, his father Chief Minister of Porbanar. In 1883, when he was 13 years old, he married Kasturba Makhanji. They married at age 13, and had 5 kids. They stayed married for 61 years till Kasturba died in 1944.In 1914 Gandhi became the Indain National Congress leader. Gandhi went to Samaldas College; University of Bombay. He studied Hinduism, Christianity, Buddhism, and other religions. Mohandas later went to England and studied law. There he read part of the Bible for the first time. When he finished in England he returned to India as a lawyer. He became a non-violant leader of Indian independence. He also fought against discrimination against Southern Africa's Indian minority and immigration rights for 20 years. . In 1914 Gandhi returned to India, at the time India was under British rule. Gandhi encouraged non-violent disobediance to free India from British rule. For this Gandhi landed in jail many times. Gandhi also earned the title Mahtatma, which means "great soul". Gandhi made his own clothes and ate a vegitarian diet. A spinning wheel symbolizes his lifestyle. He had suffered 6 known assassinations but on January 30, 1948 Gandhi was shot to death by a Hindu fanatic. Now, Gandhi's birthday is a national holiday in India in honer of him. Gandhi's teachings influnced people to have non-violent protesting like Martin Luther King Jr., who protested non-violently. Gandhi's teaching still live on today because people today protest non-violently. In India, he is referred to as the "Father of the Nation".
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Here is a picture of Gandhi and his wife, Kasturba. Gandhi is here giving a speech to his followers.


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