Topic: Jawaharlal Nehru

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-first prime minister of India
-born in Allahabad

- educated in England
- Studied law and inner temple
- went back to India to study law for a couple of years
- he married Kamala Kaul
- had one daughter, Indira Ghandi
- 1919 he joined the Indian national congress
- fought for independence from the British
- during the 1920's and 1930's he was repedatly imprisioned because of his disobedience

  • enormously popular in India
  • politician and statesman
  • association with Mohandas Gahndi
  • spent time in jail from 1930-1936 for conducting civil disobedience campaigns
  • would not aid Great Britian in WW 2 until India was freed (was put in jail AGAIN for doing this)
  • caused the creation of the two indepentent states India and Pakistan
  • was a prime minister of India
  • adopted a policy of nuetralisim

  • India's first prime minister
  • Had 17 years of office from 1947 to 1964
  • had non-alighnment and panchscheel policies for peaceful existance in India
  • Gave Ueno zoo (In Tokeo) an Indian elephant because of the killing of various zoo animals during World War II
  • Was born into a Kashmiri-Brahman family on November 14, 1889
  • Was tutored til 15
  • Was elected President of Indian National Congress in 1929
  • When he became Prime Minister after his 9 year imprisonment gained India's independance
  • Increased agricultural production
  • promoted educational advances
  • had a severe stroke in January of 1964 and died May 27th
  • Outbreak of Sino-Indian war (India vs. Chinese Invaders) helped decrease Nehru's heath in 1962
  • Grandson was Rajiv Ghandi

Question #2: Jawaharlal Nehru was the first prime minister of India. He was also very popular politician and statesmen. He was born November 14, 1889 into a Kashmiri-Brahman family. Nehru was tutored for 15 years, educated in England, and worked in association with Mohandas Gahndi. He fought for the independence of India from the British. He was repeatedly put in prison for conducting civil disobedience campaigns. He finally helped India and Pakistan gain independence in 1947. Jawaharlal Nehru is relevant in the world today because he played a major role in India's independence. Without all his help, India and Pakistan could still be a combined state! He brought so much to the country of India and if he had never been so focused on gaining freedom, India would never be as it is today.

Jawaharlal Nehru was the first prime minister of India. he ws born in allahbad in November 14, 1889. He was born into a Kashmiri Brahman family. He was tutored until he was 15educated in 1928 he was elected to be president of the congress. Then he was recognized as Ghandi's successor. He held his post untill death. He also was a foreign minister. When the cold war was going on he developed a policy called "positive neautrality". The indian-chinese border had to do with Nehru's declining health. He died on May 27, 1964. his daughter, Indira, became the next prime minister with his grandson, Rajiv Ghandi. She was assasinated. Then her son became prime minister. He served for five years until he too was assassinated. Jawaharlal nehru was significant in Indian history because he played a central role in India's independence. When he became India's first prime minister in 1947, India gained its independance from britain.

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