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As the first Female prime minister of India, Indira Gandhi was one of the most influential political figures in all of India's history. Even 20 years after her assassination, Indira left an amazing legacy to the people of India. She dedicated all of her life to the progress of her country. Gandhi's work is still looked up to by politicians today from all over the world, even though she passed away many years ago. She has inspired people all over India, and as well shown them that anyone can change the world, no matter who you are. The lessons she has taught us are simply beautiful. Because of Indira, our world is very different from what it was before her time.

Indira Gandhi is a significant person to the people of India because she really wanted her country to succeed and be the best it could be. She was one of the most charismatic leaders of modern India whose ideas and activities touched different spheres of India's public life and politics. Indira began her political career at age 12 when she chose to become the leader of the Monkey Brigade. Indira's deprivation of a normal childhood played a big part in her passion for politics. Indira was four years old when her grandparents were first put in jail for being part of the Indian Freedom Movement. As she got older, she also left an imprint on world affairs, especially the Non-alignment Movement. She was the prime minister of India for over fifteen years. During Indira's term in office she reduced poverty levels by 20%. She is even credited with India's increased industrialization and food production. It is truly amazing that one person is able to change the world in so many ways.

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These were some of Indira Gandhi's "last words"

‚ÄčThis quote means when she dies her legacy of improvement for India will continue to inspire and energize the country to continue its development and success.

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