Topic: Child Labor in India

Child labor happens not only in India, but world wide. When a person under 18 works against their will, it is considered child labor. Children have worked for up to about 12 hours. They work to make things such as bricks and clothing, and are sometimes associated in armed combat. The harmful work includes children working in unhealthy enviornments, doing illegal work, and experiencing things that no person should. Every year, 22,000 children die from accidents related to their work. They might be abused by their employer, or put in danger. The children usually worked because they had repay their parents' loans.

In India, the children were known as 'slaves'. They started at 5 years old to 14 years old. They have extremely low wages, sometimes none at all. Poverty, unemployment, and excess population are the main causes why child labor has started in India. Parents may also get sick and become unable to work. The children worked in factories, shops,and they had to sell some items on the streets just to make a living. Usually larger families in India were poor, which meant that they couldn't survive on the income of only one family member. So, that's why the children were forced to work. They might be sold as slaves, which is called child trafficking. Young girls would become maids and recieve little or no pay. Girls also worked as beggars, only to get money on the streets. Boys sell bottled water at a train station, making only two or three dollars a day for food.

Child labor is very different from work at home that most children do. Good work includes doing chores to help out around the house or an after-school job. Harmful work includes work that keeps children from school, reveiving poor or no education. It also includes working in harmful enviornments or doing harmful work.

Many children in India, and the rest of the world, suffer from poverty and child labor. Being forced to work for long, hard hours and even skipping school is part of child labor. Children are put in danger as they work in unclean or hazerdous enviornments. Many people are fighting to end child labor all around the world.

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