Topic: Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a country with a population of 140 million people.The capitol of Bandgladesh is Dhaka and the area is 144,000 square kilometers. It's slightly smaller than Iowa. The goverment is a Parliamentary Democracy and their currency is taka (BDT). The most common languages spoken are Bangla and English. Bangladesh was created in 1971 when Bengali East Pakistan broke away from its Union with West Pakistan. Bangladesh is a an extremely poverity stricken counrty and a thrid of the country floods during the monsoon season. Bangladesh's climate is tropical in winter (mild winter); hot and humid in Summer. Mainly the weather outside is hot and humid. Ocasionaly they're monsoons.
This is the Bangladesh flag:
Bangladesh had a 580km coastline. Part of the coastline is connected to the Ganges river. Also know as the "Padma". With this connection to the Ganges river, Bangladesh has access to crops,goods, and other trades. Corn is a major crop that is grown in Bangladesh. Other countries get corn from Bangladesh while Bangladesh get other crops.

Although, the United States relationship with Bangladesh was initially troubled because of strong U.S. ties with Pakistan, U.S.- Bangladesh friendship and support developed quickly following Bangladesh's independence in 1971. US- Bangladesh bonds were especially boosted in March 2000, when President Clinton visited Bangladesh. Since 1986, the United States trade balance with Bangladesh has been nagative, due to largely growing imports of ready-made garments, Jute Carpet Backing is a major U.S. import from Bangladesh. Total imports from Bangladesh were about $2.7 million. The United States has provided more than 5.5 billion in food and development assistance to Bangladesh. Bangladesh has beome a valuable United States ally in global efforts to defeat terrorism.The Government of Bangladesh has begun to address problems of money laundering and weak border patrols to ensure that Bangladesh has not become a terrorist safe-haven.

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