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About this space:
This space will be used periodically throughout the year so that we can collaborate with classmates and other fellow students on classwork and projects. This space is for group learning!

Current Space:
We will be investigating various topics from ancient and modern India. You will be researching an assigned topic in the library. Students from other classes will be researching many of the same topics. Subsequently, you will be collaborating with other students to [[#|create a webpage]] on this wiki site to share the information that you have learned. Finally, you will be sharing your completed wikis that you and other student have created together with your class. Want more information on how to complete the assignment? Click on the link below!

Resources: Quick Review about books, catalog and databases.
This is a very compact research project so I am providing best sources for you to do your research:
Everyone will start in the Destiny Catalog: Destiny Except: Nuclear Weapons, Namaste, Jainism and Bollywood
Next use SIRS Discoverer You will be on the Middle School LC Web Page--click on SIRS Discover
Lastly use a search engine: google----use good keywords like: nuclear weapons and India OR Bollywood and India

Article that I found:
Battle over Kashmir:

Primary Sources: Make you think critically about a topic! Primary Source is a 1st hand account of an event or a moment in time.
Eyewitness account of a disaster. Death statistics in a government report. Speeches, interviews or quotes. Artifacts. Diary. Use good research skills to uncover primary source information!
Looking for help with inserting a picture, link or video?
Please check out my wiki that will give you step by step directions at: How to Add Picture, Link or Video

Looking for pictures, images, audio, video that are copyright free? Check out: Creative Commons
Questions stop by the Learning Center and see Mrs. Reiber